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Tide Graph Pro app for iPhone and iPad

4.0 ( 9200 ratings )
Weather Navigation
Developer: Brainware
2.99 USD
Current version: 4.7, last update: 9 months ago
First release : 16 Oct 2013
App size: 14.82 Mb

Tide Graph Pro universal app provides over 6000 US tide and water current predictions without the need for an internet connection. The beautiful new scrolling design and the highly optimized prediction engine was developed from the ground up based on formulas and data provided by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. You can even enter barometric pressure and wind speeds to improve the accuracy. If you liked Tide Graph, you will love Tide Graph Pro.

Latest reviews of Tide Graph Pro app for iPhone and iPad

Beautiful job, many thanks! Intuitive, uncluttered, with a wealth of information. I really like the Moon presentation - the lovely daily graphic as well as the monthly calendar. I live along the north shore of Massachusetts - where our tides run 9 or 10 feet and more, so they are important to our lives as nature lovers, boaters, fishermen, clammers, photographers. Easily worth the price of a mere cup of cappuccino, TideGraphPro will bring me years of info and enjoyment!
I surf and this is the most valuable app that I have. I can choose the exact tide I am trying to be at or an exact time in the future to check. I can also go back and note the tide it was when surf hit its sweet spot. This is my second app by this developer and actually was one reason I ended up with an iPhone. Had the previous originally on itouch.
thank you developers. have used your original version extensively and soooo greatly appreciate this upgrade!!!
Now its got more great info like currents!
I have been using this app for several years. After my weather radar app my next stop is here. Then my fishing calendar. Im in the Coast Guard Auxiliary in Swansboro NC where skinny water (<2) is readily available, so we need a lot of info on tides and currents. With Pro I get both. I dont get current for my exact location, but now I can thumb swipe to a nearby tidal location I have entered and get what I need by extrapolation. The addition of variable time periods is fantastic for fishing and cruising planning. I discover something new every day. I have absolutely no connection with the producers of this app, but I absolutely cannot live (I am retired) without it! The earlier version saved my ukw several times.
Tide graph Pro
NOT SO GOOD! I had the older version and it was excellent! I teach tides/currents to sea kayakers and have recommended the OLDER version. Heres the problems with the the new Pro version: They admit to having a "bug" in the Calender. This means you cant go out a month to calculate tides. The graphics are much fainter and much harder to read especially if youre over 20. One example: The tide high/low arrow is hollow instead of solid. Tide stations are not prompted but have to be searched and then added. Annoying. Some of this I could live with but not the Calender issue. Tech support was worthless blaming my phone, then admitted there was a problem, the again blaming my phone all in extremely lengthy emails. Also, could not use their link to iTunes for a refund. iTunes says no refund or makes it such a convoluted process that its not worth the effort for $4. Tidelog requires you to jump thru too many hoops to contact tech support. All in all a frustrating process. Whatever happened to basic customer service?? If it doesnt work, make it right! That simple. So deleted it and use the old version! MUCH MORE USER FRIENDLY!!! I DO NOT RECOMMEND TIDELOG PRO!
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